US Technical Championship





In 2014 over 700 US and Canada players ages 6-13 years old participated in the USTC challenge.  Sportpartners USA – Meulensteen Academy looks forward to welcome the location winners for a fantastic event.  An event where the ultimate “US Technical Champion” will be crowned.


2014 US Technical Championship quotes:

“The event was fun for all involved. It is cost effective for families but more importantly the USTC caters to the individual soccer player, not the parent, not the coaches, but each young player. There were many smiles during our event and through enjoyment of the beautiful game that is soccer, players found confidence and dared to take risks 1v1. The Meulensteen Methods is a proven way to get players fast tracked to better enable them to be successful in a diverse range of 1v1 situations. It is through these situations where players learn how to solve problems and through repetitive scenarios find success after trying over and over again to reach the desired outcome. The success of 1v1 situations is in the failing, the attempting, and the executing and players can enjoy a warm, encouraging environment along their way to becoming more comfortable on the ball.”


Dan Bulley – Men’s Head Soccer Coach, Olivet College – Olivet, MI




” As a Global Image Sports partner our academy and soccer development work has benefited tremendously from that relationship. One of the benefits to that partnership was being introduced to Rene Meulensteen’s training methodology which very much fits with our own philosophy of “player centric development” with a heavy focus on technical training. This summer we ran our 1st annual “US Technical Skills Challenge” which highlighted Rene Meulensteen’s technical skills and small-sided game format. Working closely with Sportpartners USA we were able to market and host a very successful 6 hour event that was enjoyed by both the young players that participated and also their families.  We need more of these types of initiatives in North America in order to increase our success at developing more technically capable youth players”

Ian McClurg - President and Director of Coaching, 1v1 Soccer FC – Toronto, Canada


Soccer Club Of Rockford hosted the US Technical Championship this past August, over 125 players registered for this 1st ever event in the area.  The day long event brought out the best in each player- their core skills.  Throughout the day players were taught 1v1 skills and practiced them leading up to the final competition at the end of the day.  USTC sets itself apart by focusing on the player’s individual skills while giving them the freedom and encouragement to be as creative as they want, this was evident by the passion each player showed by building up their skill level at each training station.  Rene Meulensteen’s vision and training program to provide the best technical training has proved to be a success for the SCOR players and all those who attended the USTC challenge.

Alexander Fedorowych, Vice President- Soccer Club of Rockford – Rockford, MI


We at Rancocas Valley Soccer Club are very proud of the fact that we were the first club in NJ to host a USTC event.  Sportpartners USA made it very easy to run.  Despite the temperatures being in the mid to high 90′s, there were a lot of smiling faces.  The activities that were part of the USTC have been integrated into the RV coaches training plan.  Our club’s goal is to produce technically proficient players and events like the USTC will help us achieve that goal.

 Joe Arone – Rancocas Valley Soccer Club, Asst. Director of Coaching – Eastampton, NJ

An unique and exciting 1-day event celebrating the core reason soccer/futbol is the most popular sport in the world. This event highlights the essence of the game…..creativity……magic……the emotion……….the skill. Players are trained in Meulensteen’s “Moves & Skills” Method in similar ways as the Manchester United youth academy and the players  of Manchester United’s first team. Players are encouraged to try (new) moves without any fear of failure. Ball mastery and fast footwork along with mastering the 1v1 situation are the ingredients of this event.


Why Moves & Skills?

Our modern culture of instant gratification and winning is certainly endangering the essentials of soccer and the way players like Pele, Eusebio, Puskas, Cruyff, Laudrup, and Beckenbauer used to play. “Moves and Skills” highlights these essentials in a great way of learning and fun. It’s no secret our youth is not equipped properly to make the difference on the field. Along with the Meulensteen coach courses and club programs we now offer players the opportunity to first-hand experience the power of technique training in a positive, encouraging and exciting way.



What triggered the start of the Technical Championship?

Eight years ago Fons v/d Brande, owner of SportpartnersNL (SPNL) noticed a dramatic decrease of technical capabilities amongst the youth player in the Netherlands.  He decided to specialize in the technical training aspect with his company SportpartnersNL.   Currently SPNL enjoys a large following of clubs, coaches, and institutions, nationally as well as internationally.

The NTK derived from the growing need of technical instruction and with the help and support of none other than Rene Meulensteen (at that time in charge of the Manchester United Youth Academy Program) the event was brought to live.  This event has become the largest (youth) soccer event in the Netherlands.  2013 also turned this in to an International event as  neighboring Belgium hosted the Belgium Technical Championship with great success.  In 2014 two other Nations, South-Africa and the USA, will host this event.


2014 Participating Clubs: