Meulensteen Academy

Vision of Rene Meulensteen                                                                                                                              

The vision of Rene Meulensteen, former first team coach at Manchester United and former Fulham manager,                               coacheducation4
is basic and straight forward; “the team with the most creative players and players
who can dominate the 1vs1 situations all over the field will be the most successful
team in the world”. Rene’s vision and philosophy has proven right many times
over throughout the golden years of Manchester United.


This vision is now being carried out via the Meulensteen Academy (MA).
When analyzing the game of soccer we can clearly see how important it is
to have players on your team with the ability to dominate the 1vs1 situation.
Attack minded, crafty players can make the difference. Yet it appears that during
every day club training very little attention is giving to this critical feature.
The Meulensteen Academy will go deeper into the various 1vs1 situations,
giving each coach important insight into the movements, when and where
they can be used and how they affect the game.


Our objective is to increase the knowledge base of club soccer by carrying out the Meulensteen methods and philosophy using the latest developments in coaching and skill training. Within our organization we use the professional expertise of people working in soccer coaching as well as soccer education. As an affiliate of SportpartnersUSA, Meulensteen Academy (MA) offers the following services:


Coaching Clinics:
MA offers a variety of coaching clinics for coaches of all backgrounds and ability. Visit our Coach Education header to receive more information on our 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 Meulensteen Education Modules.USTC Logo zwart randje


US Technical Championships (USTC):
This unique and immense popular event in the Netherlands draws thousands of players ages 7-14 to the fields. Train a day like a professional soccer player and learn what it takes to become a stand-out player. Go to technical championship banner to find our more of this event.

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Club-wide youth development program using the Meulensteen Methods:
MA will provide a training curriculum for all age groups in your club that will mirror what has been used at Manchester United Youth Academy. 
SportpartnersNL and MA have earned a European-wide, sterling reputation for offering reliable and quality services throughout their 14 years of conducting business. We are now proud to offer the same expertise into the US market via SportpartnersUSA and Meulensteen Academy.


“Moves & Skills” Camps:MA summer camps logo

Our camps are not only fun yet focus on the individual player  development and uses the “Moves & Skills” player development curriculum designed by Rene Meulensteen.  Coaches are Meulensteen certified and trained to our standards.  Your player will learn new skills, enjoy the positive reinforcement, and walk away a more creative and confident player.  “Encourage the will and compliment the skill” are key to the success of any player.