300 course

300 Meulensteen Coach Course

“Train to Compete” – “Train to Win”
6-hour course prepares the 200 licensed coaches to further prepare the now skill-full players to work within a team structure. Coaches gain insight how to train position specific and group specific (defenders, midfielders, forwards). It is all about the end-product!


o “Train to Compete” o Defensive Principles o Offensive Principles o Position Specific Training coacheducation4
o Group Specific Training (Defense-Midfield-Forwards)


o Skill instruction 301
 Individual-group specific skill training
 Focus on the end-product of the skill
 Individual decision making

o Skill instruction 302
 Team specific skill training
 Speed of play
 Rhythms of play
 Patterns of play
 Technical and tactical discipline
 Coaching the game (8v8 – 11v11)