200 course


200 Meulensteen Course
“Training the Difference”

6 hour course will take off where the 100 left off. Players now are able to perform all
techniques of the various skill-sets. The 200 course challenges the coaches to
implement. time and pressure by introducing defenders to the activity.



o Windows of opportunity o Skill development o Technique into Skill                                    coacheducation3

Practical:o Skill instruction 201
 Individual – group
 Time and space
 Introducing pressure
 “Train to Train”

o Skill instruction 202
 Application of Technique (=Skill)
 “Train for Perfection”
 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 games
 Coaching the Small Sided Game (4v4-6v6)

Participants receive a 200 Meulensteen Course Booklet and a certification.