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Meulensteen Coaches Courses line-up


100 Meulensteen Course

“Moves & Skills”

This six hour course consists of a three hour theoretical class-room presentation and a three hour practical field session.
The Meulensteen Coaching series are a great compliment to any coach regardless of expertise and license. Our courses are unique in its design. All our courses focus on the Meulensteen “Moves & Skills” youth development curriculum. The courses are designed for a coach to travel through the “Ages & Stages of a player’s development. Each course the coach receives new information empowering him/her to increase a player’s ability and capacity through progressive training methods and consistent coaching. The end product is a confident player, capable to perform and dominate the 1v1 situation in game situations and a team player who is prepared for the tactical, physical, technical, and mental demands of play at his/her’s highest competition level.



coacheducation1o Explanation of Rene Meulensteen’s “Moves & Skills” philosophy
o Player X-Ray
o Color Coded Ages & Stages of Development o Identifying the four skill-sets

o Technique instruction 101
 Ball Mastery
 Fast Footwork

o Technique instruction 102 (individual -mastering the 4 different skill-sets)
 Four skill-sets
 Magic 7-cone drill
 Coaching the Small Sided Game (4v4)

Participants receive a 100 Meulensteen Course Booklet and a certification.

200 Meulensteen Course
“Training the Difference”

6 hour course will take off where the 100 left off. Players now are able to perform all
techniques of the various skill-sets. The 200 course challenges the coaches to
implement. time and pressure by introducing defenders to the activity.





o Windows of opportunity o Skill development o Technique into Skill    coacheducation3

Practical:o Skill instruction 201
 Individual – group
 Time and space
 Introducing pressure
 “Train to Train”

o Skill instruction 202
 Application of Technique (=Skill)
 “Train for Perfection”
 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 games
 Coaching the Small Sided Game (4v4-6v6)

Participants receive a 200 Meulensteen Course Booklet and a certification.


300 Meulensteen Coach Course
“Train to Compete” – “Train to Win”
6-hour course prepares the 200 licensed coaches to further prepare the now skill-full players to work within a team structure. Coaches gain insight how to train position specific and group specific (defenders, midfielders, forwards). It is all about the end-product!

o “Train to Compete” o Defensive Principles o Offensive Principles o Position Specific Training coacheducation4
o Group Specific Training (Defense-Midfield-Forwards)

o Skill instruction 301
 Individual-group specific skill training
 Focus on the end-product of the skill
 Individual decision making

o Skill instruction 302
 Team specific skill training
 Speed of play
 Rhythms of play
 Patterns of play
 Technical and tactical discipline
 Coaching the game (8v8 – 11v11)


400 Meulensteen Coach Course
The Meulensteen Method – “Building Successful Teams”.
Three day course conducted by Coach Rene Meulensteen , former First Team Coach Manchester United.

Coach Rene will present his entire philosophy and shares his many successful experiences at Manchester United. Take a look in the kitchen of Manchester United’s youth program as Coach Rene demonstrates the secrets behind its success.  A must for every coach who wants reach the next level.

o “Identifying Talent – Developing Potential – Building Successful Teams the Meulensteen Way”

o “Meulensteen’s ‘Moves & Skills’: The Pathway to Developing Creative and Confident Players”,


 500 Meulensteen Course                                                                                                                    coacheducation5

“Special Topic Course”


Special theme course conducted by Rene Meulensteen at times TBD.
On February 6-11, 2013 a group of 40+ coaches experienced an
unforgettable time at Manchester United with clinics and lectures
by Rene Meulensteen and several other Manchester United staff
members. This event was co-sponsored by the NSCAA and
Sportpartners USA

Find out how easy it is to host a Meulensteen 100, 200, and 300 course for your club or area!

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 Identifying Talent – Developing Potential – Building Successful Teams