Saginaw Township Soccer Association – Saginaw, MI

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SportPartnersUSA welcomes Saginaw Township Soccer Association to it’s growing list of partner clubs.  STSA’s president and Director of Coaching, Andrew Klaczkiewicz, is looking forward to provide his staff with a common player development method and believes the “Moves & Skills” to be a great navigation tool which will benefit player, coach, and parent.

SportPartnersUSA – Meulensteen Academy (SPUSA-MA) offer reliable and high quality soccer training services throughout their five years of conducting business. Saginaw Township Soccer Association (STSA) is now proud to offer the same expertise to the greater Saginaw market via this partnership with SPUSA-MA. The Meulensteen Academy organization presents professional expertise of people working in soccer coaching as well  as soccer education.

This partnership allows STSA to offer training in the Meulensteen Academy methods, philosophy, and instruction programs. Specifically, STSA will offer the “Moves and Skills” Player Development Curriculum developed by Coach Rene Meulensteen, former First Team Coach of Manchester United (2008-2013) and renowned skill development expert respected throughout the world for his insight in player development.

Rene Meulensteen, commonly regarded as one of the best soccer trainers in the world, developed the “Moves & Skills” method to improve the skills of the modern soccer player at any level. The program’s goal is the development of creative, unpredictable, confident, and motivated players. At the center of the “Moves & Skills” method is the ability of a player to master the challenge of various 1v1 situations.

STSA coaches will receive extensive training in the “Moves & Skills” method allowing all players within STSA’s program to benefit from this partnership. Our coaches will use Meulensteen’s cohesive instructional materials to make the process of youth training streamlined as they grow and evolve to the next levels within STSA and beyond.