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Meulensteen Club Program OverviewClub Affilicate Banner with Meulensteen Logo

SP-USA will provide Club PowerPoint Presentation with introductory video from Rene Meulensteen® introducing his philosophy and methods

Ongoing Coach Education “Moves & Skills” Method:

Director of Coaching and Technical Directors continued education

Centralized 2-day clinic will be offered twice a year at the SP-USA Headquarters located in Grand Rapids, MI


Club Coaches continued education

Erwin at work at the AGM1- Local/Regional training will feature 100 Level Club Course during the summer and one other time during the year.                                                                                                                                                                               2- 100 Level Club Course – 1 day (200 level courses offered 2nd year, 300 level in  3rd year)* Club DOC and staff coaches attend these sessions with age group coaches.
3- Director of Coaching and Technical Directors will receive a detailed Club Curriculum Manual
4- Age-Group Coaches will receive the appropriate “Ages & Stages” Coach Module Manual
5- Each Coach will receive a Meulensteen® “Moves & Skills” Certification in jpeg format
6- Club receives a digital Meulensteen® Academy Patch for player jerseys and coach apparel
7- Meulensteen® puzzle piece player evaluation form in jpeg


Marketing Material Available for Web and Print on Digital CD

 Meulensteen® digital logo with your club name incorporated                                                 100 course Hoosier FC Theoretical Erwin
 Personal video from Rene Meulensteen® welcoming your club
 Annual Video of Rene Meulensteen® for your website
 Approved Digital artwork and pictures for your clubs website
     graphic design needs
 Club logo and link on Sportpartners USA website
 Use of Tag-lines
 Encourage the Will & Compliment the Skill®
 Identifying Talent – Developing Potential – Building Successful Teams®
 Digital artwork for Meulensteen® coach and player patches for uniforms                                             100 course Hoosier FC club coaches only picture
     and coaching attire.
 Club is prohibited from printing or producing any apparel with SP-USA
     or Meulensteen Logo.
     Any requests to produce apparel that display the SPUSA or Meulensteen
     name or logo must be approved by SPUSA.
 Only photo images of Rene Meulensteen distributed by SPUSA can be used
     for  marketing purposes.  




Erwin van Elst – SportPartnersUSA at or call 616-334-7208.
Identifying Potential – Developing Talent – Building Successful Teams